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Wavey Davey B's Affordable DJ Service

Need Voice Over Work Or DJ Drops For Your Radio Shows Or Mixes?



Dave & Marsha can do phone greetings, announcements, or anything that needs a voice over. Fast turn-around time! MP3 file emailed directly to you. 



Great prices too. As low as $3 per drop!


My prices are 50% less than what other Voice Over Companies charge and my turnaround time is much faster too! No minimum to purchase required. You can order 1 drop 5, 10, 20 or more.


     Male $5 - dry read - very short script
     Female $7 - dry read - very short script

     Combo - Male/Female $9 - dry read - very short script

(Effects are $2 additional per drop)



Pre-scripted Male Voice Drops For $3 Each with or w/o effects. 

  1. The dance floor Is thumping cuz the man in control is (YOUR NAME).
  2. You’re jjjjaming with (YOUR NAME).
  3. Tearin’ up the joint it’s (YOUR NAME) in the mix.
  4. Feel the power, feel the bass, it’s (YOUR NAME) in the hoooooouse.
  5. The dance floor is getting hhhhhhhot, cuz you have (YOUR NAME).


If you choose the pre-scripted drops, please let me know if you want them with effects or dry (no effects at all – voice only).


BACKGROUND EFFECTS (laser bed, swoosh bed, drone bed, etc)
VOICE EFFECTS (stutter, echo, flanger)
NO EFFECTS (dry - voice only).


I also do Commercials, Radio Drops, Phone Greetings, Intros, or anything that needs a Voice Over. 






If you need your drop(s) the SAME DAY or the NEXT DAY

please let me know in advance. The additional cost will vary depending on the size of your order. 





I can create an attention grabbing Intro Drop for you with effects and a male/female voice combination. Price will vary depending on length and effects requested.


If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for your business and interest in my voice work!



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